Red vs. Blue: Season 12

Pros: - Engaging and thrilling story
- Twists and turns
- Great development of old and new characters
- Great soundtrack
- Fantastic direction by Miles Luna
- Great action with CGI and Machinma

Cons: - Some conflicts are resolved too quickly


Final Thoughts: - Wow, what a season. This is the first season in all of Red vs. Blue that left me with something after each episode, even during the low points.

Miles Luna hasn’t changed the formula that’s made RvB work, he’s enhanced it, and it shows in every episode. He hasn’t just crafted one of the most story-driven chapters in RvB, he’s crafted what I believe to be the best season since Reconstruction.

Season 12 has been one giant roller coaster ride, and given where Season 13 looks to be heading, I think Church’s last line sums up everything perfectly.

- “Bring it on, Motherfuckers.”

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RvB Season 12, Episode 19

Pros: - Callbacks
- Col. Sarge?
- Control is finally revealed
- Everything is tied together
- Cliffhanger
- Meta’s helmet???

Cons: - Have to wait a year until Season 13 :(

Personal WTF’s: - Am I the only one who wants to see Grif just whoop Sarge’s ass?? I mean Jesus man.
- Is the Meta alive? What’s the point of his armor?

Final Thoughts: - Instead of leaving us with questions, Season 12 left us with answers, and those answers say that Season 13 is going to be insane.

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RWBY Volume 2, Chapter 8

Pros: - Fluid animation
- Great exchange between the 3 teachers
- Glynda gets a bit feisty
- RWBY gets a dog
- Dog is adorable
- Weiss loving dog is adorable
- Blake hating dog is adorable
- Fantastic speech by Ozpin
- World building with talk of a previous war
- Shannon McCormick nails it as Ozpin
- Ozpin is sly
- OOBLECK!!!!!!!!

Cons: - VELVET IS BACK… For 10 seconds…

- Nice cover there Tex *cough* I mean Glynda
- RWBY… Meet Caboose.

Final Thoughts: - Plot progression is definitely what we need after the ending of Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 does it with flying colors, and adding a cute little team member and some good comedy helps as well.

This is the 2nd to last section before Volume 2 is complete, and the way it’s set up shows that we are going to be in for a very…. Interesting ride. Show me what you got RT!

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